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You know what’s really amazing though?


Toph still “sees” Korra as Aang.


Everyone Korra has met from the old Gaang calls her by her name or “Avatar Korra” but not Toph. Korra’s footsteps aren’t like Aangs and I don’t think Toph heard Korra’s voice before this encounter (well at least not her 10 year old and up voice) so how would she recognize Korra? By her spiritual presence.

I feel that Toph and Aang were so close and their spiritual connection is so strong that since Toph can’t “see” who the next Avatar is, she feels Aang’s presence and Aang’s spirit instead.

"Some friendships are so strong, they can even transcend lifetimes."

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Taang Month Day 8- Dream

Taang month April 1-30 

Week one April 1-5 (x)

Day 1: Rejection
Day 2:  Fight 
Day 3: Regret 
Day 4: Forgiveness  
Day 5: Acceptance 

Week two April 6-12 (x)

Day 6: Truth
Day7: Tranquil 
Day 8: Dreams 
Day 9: Climax 
Day 10: Freedom 
Day 11: Balance 
Day 12: Sleep

Week three April 13-19 (x)

Day 13: Future
Day 14: Childhood 
Day 15: Nightmares 
Day 16 Lost 
Day 17: Hurt 
Day 18: restless 
Day 19: Sorrow

Week four April 20-26 (x)

Day 20:Touch
Day 21: Dance 
Day 22: Euphoria 
Day 23: Questions 
Day 24: Caldity 
Day 25: Hair 
Day 26: Beauty

Week 5 April 27-30 (x)

Day 27: Cold 
Day 28: Snuggle 
Day 29: Ambrosia 
Day 30: Peace

Da rules
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