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Taang Month Day 8- Dream

Taang month April 1-30 

Week one April 1-5 (x)

Day 1: Rejection
Day 2:  Fight 
Day 3: Regret 
Day 4: Forgiveness  
Day 5: Acceptance 

Week two April 6-12 (x)

Day 6: Truth
Day7: Tranquil 
Day 8: Dreams 
Day 9: Climax 
Day 10: Freedom 
Day 11: Balance 
Day 12: Sleep

Week three April 13-19 (x)

Day 13: Future
Day 14: Childhood 
Day 15: Nightmares 
Day 16 Lost 
Day 17: Hurt 
Day 18: restless 
Day 19: Sorrow

Week four April 20-26 (x)

Day 20:Touch
Day 21: Dance 
Day 22: Euphoria 
Day 23: Questions 
Day 24: Caldity 
Day 25: Hair 
Day 26: Beauty

Week 5 April 27-30 (x)

Day 27: Cold 
Day 28: Snuggle 
Day 29: Ambrosia 
Day 30: Peace

Da rules
(art by tissine)

Greetings and Salutations! The Cosplay Ball is coming to Los Angeles for it’s debut and the geeks behind it want to reach out to the fandom community! SOOo we have a proposition for all you brilliant fanartists, and here it is!
See this poster up there? Yeah that one that says COSPLAY BALL. Remake it! With all the information on that poster now. Get creative and incorporate your favorite fandoms and characters to create the best poster you possibly can.
"So what do I get out of this?" You ask greedily, hands clasped in a sinister steeple. 
"You get publicity and love, also Dante Basco will send you a personalized thank you gift and a t-shirt and his soul…Wait.. no..he just informed me not to give away his soul.. sorry about that."
The Fandom Society team will pick 20 top contestants and then you will vote for the top 5! Then we will use them for propaganda (look who’s evil now). We will print them out and use them to promote the ball. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE CREDITED but we need to be able to use your art for what we decide, we promise we will be good!
So artists, have at it! You’ve got one week, the deadline is friday March 7th!
Tag your submission #cosplayballfanart
-Haley the intern who is not Dante Basco, but currently sitting right next to him, he approves this message. 

Somebody’s a little light on his feet. What’s your fighting name, the fancy dancer?